Monday, 29 September 2014

How to get more facebook likes.

This may be the awing article written on the topic of the way to get a lot of likes on Facebook. this text contain a set of real ways for driving Facebook Likes. Facebook likes panel is very good option to get facebook likes.
You may already bear in mind of those ways, or maybe use a number of these techniques already, however hopefully everybody are going to be able to carry a minimum of one amongst the ideas given here and apply it to their Facebook selling campaigns.
why you want more Facebook likes:-
When someone likes your business, that action will show up in their news feed.
When you post something, it might appear in your liker news feed.
How to get more Facebook likes? Here are some ideas:-
1. Facebook Ads
It's pretty easy to walk and does not cost much. Even better, you control the amount you want to spend.
2. Use Annotations in YouTube to boost Likes
After learning of this gem of a tactic, I realized that YouTube disabled the ability to link to external sites through annotations. However, now you can use to add link to the YouTube videos that you can link to external sites (eg your Facebook page).
3. Email
Send an email to your email list asking them to like your Facebook page.
4. Recruit From Facebook
Offering jobs and let folks apply through a Facebook page may be a really effective technique to urge your page shared across social networks, and encourages his followers to share your page with one in every of your friends WHO are finding out jobs.
5. Asking for Likes on your business cards
Finally, another great tactic "passive" to activate a few extra tastes of people you interact in person is to include a call to action to join your Facebook page on your business cards.
6. Put a Like Button on your own website
To get more likes from targeted visitors who lands on your website, put there a Facebook like button so that they like your Facebook page directly from there, if they love your site.
7. Take out an advt of your page on Facebook

This is the quickest and the easiest way to gather target important likes, and you can create the add from your page panel.
8. Like and Share other pages
Yes!! this is also the easy way to get likes, if you like other page they will like yours.
9. Post Regularly on Your page
If you do not take a time to do this then u can't increase your likes, so write more and more post on your page, if you not then you not get new likes or not get likes on your post.
10. Limit your post Description to 3 lines or less
Now a days people are very busy so they don't have time to read a bid description so write 3 lines or less description.
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